The Unreal Engine 4 Demo is Unreal [Video]

I am still in a little “shock and awe” of modern video gaming since being away from it for several years.

Even as I finally play through the Half Life episodes, I am regularly impressed with the visuals, storytelling, and overall immersed experience.

It really is tons of fun. 😀

So when I see what video game graphic guys are doing with the very cutting edge, I am a little dumbfounded…

Here’s the Unreal Engine 4 in real-time:


That’s unreal alright.


Sure, there isn’t any kind of realtime physics, players, or interaction with the environment, but it does show us that gaming continues to evolve into a platform that needs to be taken more seriously as a medium for storytelling.

Have you ever thought of video games this way before?

I certainly am.

3 responses to “The Unreal Engine 4 Demo is Unreal [Video]”

    1. Eric Dye Avatar

      I thought so. 🙂

  1. […] amazing to me how the 8-bit era of video gaming was not only the predecessor of what is becoming a new storytelling medium, but how it has even seen its effects in the area of classical and orchestral music. Super Mario […]

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