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  • So, I Needed to Update My Website

    I am still in a little “shock and awe” of modern video gaming since being away from it for several years.

    Even as I finally play through the Half Life episodes, I am regularly impressed with the visuals, storytelling, and overall immersed experience.

    It really is tons of fun. 😀

    So when I see what video game graphic guys are doing with the very cutting edge, I am a little dumbfounded…


  • Less Is More

    The last couple of weeks I’ve been really impressed with the concept of “less is more.”

    In a culture that thrives off more, having less has certainly become counter cultural – but it works.

    This is one of the reasons – in my opinion – Apple has historically done well. There are less options.

    So how does that play out in my own life?


  • Ironic

    The irony of being called a “professional blogger” is not lost on me.

    While many bloggers may let their personal blog turn into a wasteland of characters – as I have mine – I have seen the number of posts I publish around the web diminish beyond the “hobby blogger” and into the “blogger-wanna-be” realm.

    I have seen my career (seems like a generous term at times) take a number of curious turns these past several years.


  • It’s About Getting Things Done


    “Getting Things Done.”

    Not only is the GTD system popular, it’s a buzzword thrown around by productivity gurus.

    I like to get things done (who doesn’t?), so I’ve tried the official GTD system among many others.


  • My Favorite Free WordPress Plugins

    Last month (apparently I’m blogging here monthly now? That’s lame) I shared how I wanted to stop sponging off WordPress.

    After keeping up with my weekly ratings, reviews, and favorting (is that a word now?) for this past month, I am really happy with how everything has turned out. Not only do I feel better about using these plugins and all the warm fuzzy feelings, having my favorite free WordPress plugins all in one place is really handy.


  • I Stopped Sponging Off WordPress

    Back in March I finally filled-out my WordPress profile.

    After years of using free plugins and never leaving a rating, I decided I needed to change my ways.

    Rating plugins and leaving reviews is not only an important part of being a good Internet citizen, but also a helpful member of the WordPress community.