Challenge Accepted

At the end of 2014, I took a long shot.

I saw a job opening on the Church Relevance website and thought I would drop my name into the running.

Having read the job description, I figured I could handle it and their overall mission was very curious to me.

With a mention to it being a “telecommuting position,” the choice was easy. So, I followed through with the application process.

After four phases of the interview process and just a little over a month after first applying, I was offered the position of Programs Director of Open Church and happily accepted. 😀

The past month has been crazy.

I started just about one month ago.

While my typical day-to-day job functions have yet to go into full swing, my time has been full of establishing a framework to manage anywhere between 4 to 400 volunteers. New team member packets have been created, telecommuting communication channels have been established, the CRM is being customized, and hours of “face to face” meetings have gone on.

It has been so exciting!

So what’s happening to everything else?

That was a question I began asking myself a few months ago.

While Open Church is taking my full time, ChurchMag, ChurchMag Press, and Live Theme will continue to move forward.

That isn’t going to leave me much margin—maybe none at all—but I am up for the challenge.

I only have so much human bandwidth, but I am banking on a few Aces up my sleeve:

Working from home these past several years has given my wife the chance to observe my work behaviors and styles. She has recently been giving me some deep insights into how I structure my time and tasks.

It is taking a new level of humility on my part to hear what she has to say about it all, but I figure if I’ve got the support of her and my kids to conquer this initial rough spot, I should keep my ears and eyes open.

Challenge accepted.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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