I am the proud owner of ChurchMag.

Every time I say what about to type, I LOL on the inside. The first few times, I literally LOL’ed!

“I am a professional blogger.”

(BWAH-HA-HA-HA!) <— Me, laughing on the inside.

But it’s true.

Because of ChurchMag, I am a professional blogger.

To me, this kind of occupational labeling ranks with ‘comedian’ or ‘plays in a band.’ It is anything but your usual job and you can’t help but feel everyone slightly raise their eyebrow in doubt and wait to hear what you really do for a living.

While I do other things—like Live Theme—to support my family, the majority of my time is spent on ChurchMag.

Here’s a little more about ChurchMag and me…

ChurchMag Church Tech Blog

ChurchMag was started as Church Crunch in 2008 and eventually grew into a network of blogs in 2010 as The 8BIT Network.

It was then, 2010, that I began to write for the blog.

I’ll never forget getting paid for my first blog post.

It. Was. Awesome.

After writing for The 8BIT Network for a few months, the 8BIT team approached me about becoming Editor. I would be responsible for all the blogs operation—finances, advertising, updates, authors—everything that is part of managing a multi-author blog.

Without hesitation, I took it on.

In 2012, The 8BIT Network rolled the entire network of blogs into one and called it: ChurchMag.

By the end of the year, however, 8BIT was ready to part ways with ChurchMag and offered to sell it to me before moving forward with any other buyers.

I couldn’t resist.

And that is how I came to own ChurchMag, the #1 resource for Church tech and creativity.