I Stopped Sponging Off WordPress

Back in March I finally filled-out my WordPress profile.

After years of using free plugins and never leaving a rating, I decided I needed to change my ways.

Rating plugins and leaving reviews is not only an important part of being a good Internet citizen, but also a helpful member of the WordPress community.

And it feels good to be intentional.

I’ve added “WordPress Plugin Review” to my to-do list.

So, every week, I’ve systematically begun to rate plugins and leave a review.

And it feels good. 😀

Plus, whenever you “favorite” a plugin, it ads it to a “Favorites” page, making it super handy to find your favorite plugins when you want to add them to a WordPress install:


Nifty, right?

I also plan on clicking the “donate” button for plugins I rely on.

Just because you get it for free, doesn’t mean you have to be cheap.

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