New Year Newness

The New Year is here.

Hello, 2015. 🙂

I wanted to write this yesterday — makes sense right? — but today is better than never.

That’s the latest New Year advice my wife gave me.

Don’t worry about making a New Year’s resolution, just start doing whatever it is that you’re longing to accomplish whenever and however you can, and build upon your successes as they come. It takes the pressure off and places the focus on what you’re really trying to accomplish instead of focusing on completing said resolution.

Call it semantics if you like, but I dig it.

And I love all the newness.

It’s the New Year and all of this ‘newness’ makes it the perfect time to re-organize, re-prioritize, and start living differently. Maybe it’s the change of pace in my schedule with the holidays or maybe it’s simply a psychological mind game between me and my calendar.

I really don’t care why, I’m just happy to use it as a catalyst to move forward towards a fuller, richer life.

Now, let me get back to re-organizing, re-prioritizing, and start living my life differently.

I’ve already decided to:

  • Use the Utmost iOS app everyday.
  • Write in a personal journal (using Day One).
  • Refine how I manage my business ‘books.’
  • List out actionable business goals.

I’ve got some other things, brewing in my mind too, but I’ll keep those closer to my chest. 😉

How about you? What do you want to see accomplished in 2015?

// Photo Credit: Maurice – photography via Compfight cc

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