It’s Not Easy

If you start looking around the web and start seeking advice on how to start a blog, podcast, or build some kind of “platform” online, you’ll find a crap load of “gurus,” “hustle,” and “10 ways to” solutions.

Ironically enough, most of these “experts” have built themselves up successfully by telling other people how to build themselves up successfully.

It reminds me of those commercials that used to come on late at night.

You know the guy.

That guy that made millions of dollars on his book about making millions of dollars.

Truth of the matter is, nobody knows how to guarantee online “success.”

In my experience—and watching others—it takes three things to help increase the possibility of “making it” online:

  1. Timing
  2. Hard work
  3. Luck

There may be a 4th. I would like to say, “talent” or “quality,” but humanity has proven this to be false over and over again, so I stick to these three keys.

Timing is the biggest element of them all and happens to be something that is next to impossible to control.

Some people are good at predicting it—whether scientifically or with their gut—but when push comes to shove, you can’t guarantee it.

Timing is…well…time.

Good luck manipulating that without a blue police call box or Delorean.

Hard work is where most people fail.

Making money online or building a platform takes far more work than it looks.

It isn’t easy.

But it is the only element that you have control over. And if the timing isn’t right today, and you keep pushing and working hard, you increase your chances of being around when the timing is right.

If you’re lucky.

That’s the wildcard in all of this.

You can’t predict it. You can’t plan it. You can’t game it. You can’t will it.

It. Just. Happens.

If you’re lucky.

Building a business or platform online isn’t easy.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 😉

// Photo Credit: katieharbath via Compfight cc

2 responses to “It’s Not Easy”

  1. Jeremy Smith Avatar

    Love it man! What about adding “It’s who you know” that can help you get a quicker platforms?

    1. Eric Dye Avatar

      That’s so TRUE!!! I was lucky enough to get to know the 8BIT guys—so I know EXACTLY what you mean. 😀

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