The irony of being called a “professional blogger” is not lost on me.

While many bloggers may let their personal blog turn into a wasteland of characters – as I have mine – I have seen the number of posts I publish around the web diminish beyond the “hobby blogger” and into the “blogger-wanna-be” realm.

I have seen my career (seems like a generous term at times) take a number of curious turns these past several years.

It is what it is I suppose.

But I would like to see a resurrection in my blogging frequency in the few places I currently take written residence: Here, ChurchMag, and Envato.

My first focus will be here.

I have reached a point whereby I am actually nervous about hitting Publish. There are many factors, some of which I may share, but in the meantime I think I’ll ramble away – as I unusually do here – and just hit:

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