Getting Things Done

I read another blog post about “getting things done.”

I would imagine if I took the total amount of time I’ve spent reading about getting things done, I would have gotten a lot more…well…done.

Ironically enough, after having spent more time reading yet another such blog post and not getting things done, I realized something about these ‘experts’ I had been listening to.

Maybe I should I buy their book on getting things done?

They all have help.

That’s when I began to think about my work day…

  • What if I had a personal assistant?
  • What if I had a publicist?
  • What if I had a secretary?
  • What if I had a personal trainer?

What if I had all of those? Or maybe even just one?

Then I suppose I too could become an expert on “getting things done.” 

// Photo Credit: cafemama via Compfight cc

2 responses to “Getting Things Done”

  1. mrchrisjwilson Avatar

    Probably. I know what you mean though Eric. There definitely is a limit to all this getting things done stuff, it’s one of those topics that you could research forever and still not finish…and while doing that forget to actually…get stuff done.
    I’ve been thinking about all the noise that I take in, productivity gurus, leadership experts, so on. Maybe I should just cut down to one. One expert who I have learnt the most from. Sure I would probably miss out on some great info, but I’d have more time to get stuff done…that and a personal assistant. that would help too.

    1. Eric Dye Avatar

      I think we all really like the idea of a productivity warp tube.

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