Month: August 2015

  • So, I Needed to Update My Website

    If you start looking around the web and start seeking advice on how to start a blog, podcast, or build some kind of “platform” online, you’ll find a crap load of “gurus,” “hustle,” and “10 ways to” solutions.

    Ironically enough, most of these “experts” have built themselves up successfully by telling other people how to build themselves up successfully.

    It reminds me of those commercials that used to come on late at night.

    You know the guy.


  • Less Is More

    The last couple of weeks I’ve been really impressed with the concept of “less is more.”

    In a culture that thrives off more, having less has certainly become counter cultural – but it works.

    This is one of the reasons – in my opinion – Apple has historically done well. There are less options.

    So how does that play out in my own life?


  • Ironic

    The irony of being called a “professional blogger” is not lost on me.

    While many bloggers may let their personal blog turn into a wasteland of characters – as I have mine – I have seen the number of posts I publish around the web diminish beyond the “hobby blogger” and into the “blogger-wanna-be” realm.

    I have seen my career (seems like a generous term at times) take a number of curious turns these past several years.


  • It’s About Getting Things Done


    “Getting Things Done.”

    Not only is the GTD system popular, it’s a buzzword thrown around by productivity gurus.

    I like to get things done (who doesn’t?), so I’ve tried the official GTD system among many others.


  • My Favorite Free WordPress Plugins

    Last month (apparently I’m blogging here monthly now? That’s lame) I shared how I wanted to stop sponging off WordPress.

    After keeping up with my weekly ratings, reviews, and favorting (is that a word now?) for this past month, I am really happy with how everything has turned out. Not only do I feel better about using these plugins and all the warm fuzzy feelings, having my favorite free WordPress plugins all in one place is really handy.


  • I Stopped Sponging Off WordPress

    Back in March I finally filled-out my WordPress profile.

    After years of using free plugins and never leaving a rating, I decided I needed to change my ways.

    Rating plugins and leaving reviews is not only an important part of being a good Internet citizen, but also a helpful member of the WordPress community.