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  • Your Kids Don’t Need…

    Today marks seventeen years.

    Seventeen years of marriage to the most awesome person that has ever graced my life.

    Seventeen years of love.

    Seventeen years of hate.

    Seventeen years of hurt.

    Seventeen years of healing.

    If there is anything that I have learned in these past seventeen years, it is this:


  • My Latest Game Crush: Borderlands 2

    In an effort to share some of my ‘guilty pleasures,’ I must admit that my latest ‘game crush’ is Borderlands 2.

    I snagged it on the latest round of Steam deals at 75% off for my iMac.

    I love it when that happens. ūüėÄ


  • The Power of Teamwork

    Teamwork is something that¬†I’ve heard a lot about, read a lot about, but I don’t think I¬†fully understood¬†until recently.

    I remember when I first started working with 8BIT several years ago. I think it was John Saddington who wrote about it.

    He likened the small business startup work of 8BIT to that of an RPG video game like Final Fantasy. Everyone had an important part to play in the quest.

    And it’s true.


  • Hello World

    It’s the classic ‘first blog post.’

    It’s the default blog post that comes bundled with WordPress and its roots go much, much further in the tech world.

    So, it only seems appropriate to kick things off in the same manner.