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  • The Ever Changing Map of the World Wide Web [Images]

    The weekend before last, we all loaded up into our car and drove down to Scerni, Italy.

    The six hour drive took us back to a place where we lived for 4-years and it had been about a year since we had been back.

    It was a great trip.

    Me and the Mrs. enjoyed it.

    The kids enjoyed it.

    And their grandparents enjoyed it.

    Here are some of the photos I snagged and shared on my Instagram:


  • Too Much Information

    Whenever you are communicating with a client, superior or sometimes co-worker, be mindful of TMI – Too Much Information. We’re not talking about the High School kind of TMI or birth story TMI, we’re talking about information overload.

    Your client or company has hired you to do something that:


  • Captain Zoom Sings, “Hey, Eric, It’s Your Birthday!”

    When I turned five years old my Grandma and Grandpa mailed me a personalized birthday song.

    It was Captain Zoom, the song came on a vinyl record and it went something like this (replace “Big Guy” with your own name):


  • She Drew Her Favorite Thing

    Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages.

    (Many of which I am sure will become excellent fodder for future posts.)

    Recently I left my desk and headed into the kitchen for a refill of some kind.


  • Love Is Different Than You Think

    Today marks seventeen years.

    Seventeen years of marriage to the most awesome person that has ever graced my life.

    Seventeen years of love.

    Seventeen years of hate.

    Seventeen years of hurt.

    Seventeen years of healing.

    If there is anything that I have learned in these past seventeen years, it is this:


  • New Year Newness

    The New Year is here.

    Hello, 2015. 🙂

    I wanted to write this yesterday — makes sense right? — but today is better than never.

    That’s the latest New Year advice my wife gave me.