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  • Human Bandwidth

    The weekend before last, we all loaded up into our car and drove down to Scerni, Italy.

    The six hour drive took us back to a place where we lived for 4-years and it had been about a year since we had been back.

    It was a great trip.

    Me and the Mrs. enjoyed it.

    The kids enjoyed it.

    And their grandparents enjoyed it.

    Here are some of the photos I snagged and shared on my Instagram:


  • The Unreal Engine 4 Demo is Unreal [Video]

    I am still in a little “shock and awe” of modern video gaming since being away from it for several years.

    Even as I finally play through the Half Life episodes, I am regularly impressed with the visuals, storytelling, and overall immersed experience.

    It really is tons of fun. 😀

    So when I see what video game graphic guys are doing with the very cutting edge, I am a little dumbfounded…


  • Life without Power

    So this past weekend we got some snow.

    Strike that.

    Lots of snow.


  • Overwhelmed

    A few years ago I had shut down my old blog.

    Thankfully, I saved the posts and have slowly been resurrecting some of them.

    I’ve published the posts worth keeping on ChurchMag and here as well. Some I’ve rewritten, others have been copy and paste, but this one needs to be set into context and left unedited.

    After living in Italy for over five years now, it’s an interesting retrospect for me:


  • The Greatest Client Service

    Clients and vendors, vendors and clients.

    I’ve been on both sides numerous times.

    As a client, you know what you want, you communicate what you want, and wait for the vendor to deliver. If you’ve picked the right place, you’ll not only get what you asked for, but they’ll throw in some extra ideas and insights—like icing on the cake.

    As a vendor, you hear what they want, you communicate what you think is best, and you hope the client is happy with what you deliver. If you have communicated well, you not only make your client happy, but they will also trust you like a great advisor.


  • Do I Suck at Design?

    Design. Creativity. Edge.

    I love it.

    There are some days I am so happy with what I create, and then there are days it seems like a 3-year old with a copy of The Print Shop could do better.

    Design is a language and it’s important to my generation.