• Away from Instagram and Back Again

    The time had come. I desperately needed to update my website.

    Like “a cobbler with bad shoes” or “an accountant with an unbalanced checkbook” kind of needing to update my website.

    It was bad enough that the last time I had posted to my blog was years old — five years now — and the theme was even older.

    (Thank God for Genesis. That’s one rock-solid framework!)

    But why was it taking me so long?

  • Why I Am Trying to Avoid Fanboyism

    My next computer might not be an Apple.

    I know, it’s sounds crazy, but I’ve been really trying to think everything through.

    “Fanboyism” is a very powerful groupthink dynamic and I don’t want to be sucked into it—again.

    I remember when I made the switch from Windows to Apple. I became that person that said they would never go back, but alas, here I am entertaining the idea.


  • The Secret to My Success

    Earlier this month, my heart was struck with great joy and sadness.

    While both of these seem like polar opposites, both events struck a chord with me in the same way. A lesson in life that I try to remind myself all the time.

    Let me start with the sadness…

    Don, the man that gave me my first job, died this month.


  • Half-Life: Series Complete

    I went several years without gaming.

    There were several factors as to why I stopped (which I may write about in the future), and it’s been a lot of fun getting back into it these past several months.

    The last game I ever played as a true gamer was Half-Life.

    So when I began to venture back into the video gaming world, jumping on a sweet deal from Steam for the entire Half-Life series seemed fairly poetic.


  • Challenge Accepted

    At the end of 2014, I took a long shot.

    I saw a job opening on the Church Relevance website and thought I would drop my name into the running.

    Having read the job description, I figured I could handle it and their overall mission was very curious to me.

    With a mention to it being a “telecommuting position,” the choice was easy. So, I followed through with the application process.


  • Never Disconnected

    The weekend before last, we all loaded up into our car and drove down to Scerni, Italy.

    The six hour drive took us back to a place where we lived for 4-years and it had been about a year since we had been back.

    It was a great trip.

    Me and the Mrs. enjoyed it.

    The kids enjoyed it.

    And their grandparents enjoyed it.

    Here are some of the photos I snagged and shared on my Instagram: