Hello. 🙂

This past July (2022) I was inspired to use my personal website to play around with Full Site Editing and eventually custom blocks — and this is the result (launched in Sept 2022).

It’s the bare minimum, there’s a lot more I plan on doing, and I hope to share my thoughts on the process in the coming months.

— Eric


  • So, I Needed to Update My Website

    The time had come. I desperately needed to update my website. Like “a cobbler with bad shoes” or “an accountant with an unbalanced checkbook” kind of needing to update my website. It was bad enough that the last time I had posted to my blog was years old — five years now — and the…

  • Less Is More

    The last couple of weeks I’ve been really impressed with the concept of “less is more.” In a culture that thrives off more, having less has certainly become counter cultural – but it works. This is one of the reasons – in my opinion – Apple has historically done well. There are less options. So how…

  • Ironic

    The irony of being called a “professional blogger” is not lost on me. While many bloggers may let their personal blog turn into a wasteland of characters – as I have mine – I have seen the number of posts I publish around the web diminish beyond the “hobby blogger” and into the “blogger-wanna-be” realm. I…

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