Hello. 🙂

This past July (2022) I was inspired to use my personal website to play around with Full Site Editing and eventually custom blocks — and this is the result (launched in Sept 2022).

It’s the bare minimum, there’s a lot more I plan on doing, and I hope to share my thoughts on the process in the coming months.

— Eric


  • Less Is More

    The last couple of weeks I’ve been really impressed with the concept of “less is more.” In a culture that thrives off more, having less has certainly become counter cultural – but it works. This is one of the reasons – in my opinion – Apple has historically done well. There are less options. So how […]

  • Ironic

    The irony of being called a “professional blogger” is not lost on me. While many bloggers may let their personal blog turn into a wasteland of characters – as I have mine – I have seen the number of posts I publish around the web diminish beyond the “hobby blogger” and into the “blogger-wanna-be” realm. I […]

  • It’s About Getting Things Done

    GTD. “Getting Things Done.” Not only is the GTD system popular, it’s a buzzword thrown around by productivity gurus. I like to get things done (who doesn’t?), so I’ve tried the official GTD system among many others.


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Eric’s Beer Tour

  • BEEnut Butter Brown Ale
  • Simpler Times Lager
  • Almaza Pilsner