It’s Not Easy

If you start looking around the web and start seeking advice on how to start a blog, podcast, or build some kind of “platform” online, you’ll find a crap load of “gurus,” “hustle,” and “10 ways to” solutions.

Ironically enough, most of these “experts” have built themselves up successfully by telling other people how to build themselves up successfully.

It reminds me of those commercials that used to come on late at night.

You know the guy.

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Mass Effect Was #EPIC

I started it several months ago.

I had a feeling I would enjoy playing Mass Effect.

This past Winter I snagged Mass Effect on the cheap from Steam. A few months after, I found Mass Effect 2 in an awesome Humble Bundle.

After two friends of mine highly recommend that I take a crack at it, I started Mass Effect after completing the Half-Life series.

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Away from Instagram and Back Again

Instagram has been an interesting journey these past few years.

When we got our first iPod, Instagram was the new awesome app and social network. We started before it was available for Android, so we felt pretty hip. 😛

I say, we, because it was the first and only Instagram enabled device in the house. And since my wife and I didn’t want to flip a coin to see who would have the Instagram account, we attempted to share it.

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Why I Am Trying to Avoid Fanboyism

My next computer might not be an Apple.

I know, it’s sounds crazy, but I’ve been really trying to think everything through.

“Fanboyism” is a very powerful groupthink dynamic and I don’t want to be sucked into it—again.

I remember when I made the switch from Windows to Apple. I became that person that said they would never go back, but alas, here I am entertaining the idea.

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The Secret to My Success

Earlier this month, my heart was struck with great joy and sadness.

While both of these seem like polar opposites, both events struck a chord with me in the same way. A lesson in life that I try to remind myself all the time.

Let me start with the sadness…

Don, the man that gave me my first job, died this month.

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Half-Life: Series Complete

I went several years without gaming.

There were several factors as to why I stopped (which I may write about in the future), and it’s been a lot of fun getting back into it these past several months.

The last game I ever played as a true gamer was Half-Life.

So when I began to venture back into the video gaming world, jumping on a sweet deal from Steam for the entire Half-Life series seemed fairly poetic.

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Never Disconnected

The weekend before last, we all loaded up into our car and drove down to Scerni, Italy.

The six hour drive took us back to a place where we lived for 4-years and it had been about a year since we had been back.

It was a great trip.

Me and the Mrs. enjoyed it.

The kids enjoyed it.

And their grandparents enjoyed it.

Here are some of the photos I snagged and shared on my Instagram:

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Human Bandwidth

Since the beginning of the month, my life has been nothing but crazy.

Between starting a new job, recovering from being sick, landing a few new projects, and a quick weekend trip with the family, my human bandwidth has been maxed-out.

I’ve known there to be limits, but have never really experienced it like this before.

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The Unreal Engine 4 Demo is Unreal [Video]

I am still in a little “shock and awe” of modern video gaming since being away from it for several years.

Even as I finally play through the Half Life episodes, I am regularly impressed with the visuals, storytelling, and overall immersed experience.

It really is tons of fun. 😀

So when I see what video game graphic guys are doing with the very cutting edge, I am a little dumbfounded…

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